RP 80 - 110 - 150 - 200 B FOR KERBSTONES & PRISMS

RP 80 B - RP 150 B

AUTOMATIQUE Flexural Testing Machines Cross-beam type for Kerbstones & Prisms

This cros-beam type flexural frame is available in 4 different load capacities : 80, 110, 150 and 200 kN.


                              Standards : EN 1340


Designed as always with a specific focus on ergonomics, this cross-beam frame has the unique advantage of offering a frontal loading. This allows to load heavy specimens (kerbstones for instance) very easily with adapted lifting devices.

This flexural machine also has a centring device with stops which allows to gain precious time, often lost by centeting the specimens.


This framework offers a higher rigidity  (in the capacity loads mentionned above) than any C-Frame design.

The cross-beam frame allows flexural tests on products as diverse as kerbstones, gutters, slabs, beams or even prisms of dimension up to 15x15x60 cm.