Machines Revamping

 3R offers RETROTECH Solution for technological upgrade of your machine

You have:

  • An old machine out of order is congesting your lab ?
  • Your machine has failed, is unreliable or lacks of accuracy ?
  • Your machine is old and lacks of performance ?
  • You need to perform new tests, new cycles that your old machine is unable to ?


Programme de modernisation RETROTECH


RETROTECH : The solution for technological upgrade of your machine:

    • Locked loop control in load, stress, displacement, deformation…
    • Complex cycles, test analysis, reports and database integration
    • Improved reliability and safety standards of your equipment




The highest level of modernization on the market, with a complete review of every sensitive mechanical parts and the complete replacement of electrical and electronic components of the machine, regardless of age and brand.

Efficiency & Performance

Each machine is treated independently by our technicians, under the control of our R&D department. The new control system is compatible with strain gauges and existing accessories, and allows addition of new equipment and accessories.


Re-use of your sensors and tools.

Reliability & Durability

Completely refurbished equipment with last generation of electronics and software. All the replaced parts are now available with our after sales department.



RETROTECH service may include the supply and / or design of new specific support, a protection system and upgrade safety standards.



Protection doors with safety switch can be mounted on your old frame.


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