THERMO 3 Thermal Cell for building materials


Device for measuring thermal transfers full scale, through a vertical plane wall


The operating principle : The hot and cold enclosures are placed on either side of the wall to test…

Each enclosure is set with a temperature controlled (cold side : between +5°C and –10°C) and hot side (between +10°C and +30°C).



The display returns the following data :

  • temperature gradient between the tested well faces
  • energy loss through the wall
  • energy loss caused by thermal bridges
  • heat flux through the wall
  • strength and thermal conductivity of the wall


Supplied with :

  • one set of walls comprising of  :
        ► insulated panel
        ► insulated dry wall
  •     ► double glazed bay
  • a set of 8 digital temperature probes
  • an acquisition unit for measuring temperatures and energy consumed
  • A tactile display for configuration and vizualisation of measurement results


Hot Zone :

  • Insulated and ventilated
  • Heating resistances 200W
  • 8 numerical temperature probes
  • Current and voltage are measured by the central processing unit and are used to calculate the active power of each zone












Cold Zone :

  • Equipped with a refrigerating unit, an exchanger (cooling) connected to the cold zone and an exchanger (heat) connected to the outside.
  • Zone is insulated and ventilated.
  • 4 digital temperature probes.