Auxiliary laboratory material

For about fifteen years ago, 3R offers to his customers an  increasing range of laboratory material testing equipment.

3R is, above else, a testing machines manufacturer. However, 3R applies itself to designing and manufacturing some laboratory material equipment that you will find in the next pages. These materials are usually  identified by the OFG logo ("Origine France Garantie" – Guaranteed of French Origin). You will discover for instance our Sysmo sieve shaker, L-Box, vibrating table, cubes mold, heating oil bath for capping sulfur, try-square capping, jolting table, etc.

Quality and performance have been at the heart of our process, as for every machine designed and made by 3R, often at the expense of a higher price. But we take responsibility for this choice, even if it is difficult sometimes to be the expansive manufacturer, in a crisis time where price staysone of the most important factors in any purchase decision. But we remain faithful to our philosophy and our ethic, namely customers satisfaction, and that comes first by high quality products.

All the other equipement that you will find in these pages, and that we do not manufacture, have been rigorously selected. We indeed are forbidding ourselves from selling a product that will not have the level of performance, quality, and robustness to which our customers have the right to pretend in buying 3R material. So you can choose our material in our catalogue in total confidence, it will bring you the same level of satisfaction as any products “Made in 3R”.