Products & Solutions

For 20 years, 3R is the leader in the French testing machines market in the field of Civil Engineering, with more than 4,000 automatic machines in service, in some of the most prestigious laboratories.

Since 2003, the 3R company has started the production of grinding machines for concrete specimens and occupies the place as leader in this field, with nearly 200 machines sold in France. 3R offers a strong range of 3 machines: the automatic double-sided TWIN-MATIC, the automatic single-sided ONE-MATIC and the semi-automatic single-sided MINI-MATIC.

At the same time, 3R also offers a full range of testing equipment for concrete, aggregates and cement. The range extends therefore from concrete air entrainment meter to slump cones, as well as LOS ANGELES machine, sieve shaker, mortar mixer, Micro Deval machine, and so on.

Over several years, 3R has built its experience in the control and servo fields into the production of a full range of UNIVERSAL testing machines. 3R offers testing machines, extensometers, ovens, environmental chambers and many more other tools. But its strength is in offering solutions tailored to your specifications.

Since 2011, benefiting from its expertise in testing machines, 3R has joined the didactic material market, offering a quite innovative test bench “RDM” (Resistance Of Materials), the BED 100 as well as an earthquake simulator called Sysmo. These two pieces of equipment are expected to be the first of a long series.

For this, 3R has a research department covering all of our equipment component technologies (mechanical, hydraulic, electro-technical, electronic and computer). And for each of the proposed solutions, the research and design department is able to make simple or complex adjustments.