Grinding machines

Since 2003, the 3R company has been engaged in producing concrete specimens grinding machines, and is today at the leading position, with more than 200 machines sold. These machines belong to a strong range of 3 models : the automatic double face TWIN-MATIC (Patent N° 05.03953 of 04/20/2005), the automatic simple face ONE-MATIC, and the semi-automatic simple face MINI-MATIC.


Being replaced little by little to the sulfur surface finishin, the 3R concrete grinding machine is recognize int all the civil engineering laboratories, from the research laboratory to the site laboratory, but aslo the "Ready to Use" concrete plant or the Educational laboratory.

The advantages of grinding are numerous :

- Stop of sulphur use (olfactory pollution, expensive recycling of the broken specimens, sulphur buying cost, healtcoût d’achat du soufre, health hazard, fire hazard, pollutant transport and storage, insurances…)

- Easiness in the broken specimens inventory management : the specimens to be broken can be prepared in advance allowing to manage better the lab time occupancy (one can indeed grind a sample and put it back in the tank for only breaking it 2 weeks later)

- Improvement in the breakage resultats (decrease in deviation and increase in the compression strenght)

How to choose ones grinding machine :

Sought first by laoratories with heavy needs regarding daylin breakage, 3R has started on this specific market in 2003 by offering a double face grinding machine, first objective being yield (and, in addition, the obviously grinding quality). So was born the TWIN-MATIC, which performance, weight, ldimensions and price make it on top of the pyramid. 3R has tehn conceived the ONE-MATIC, aimed to laboratories with lower volume, but looking for an automatic driven machine. Finally, the MINI-MATIC closes the range, by proposing high rank performance for an economic budget.

1 – MINI-MATIC grinding machine : up to 20 specimens / day

2 – ONE-MATIC grinding machine : up to 40 specimens / day

3 – TWIN-MATIC grinding machine : up to 200 specimens / day