Railway sleepers

Automatic testing machines for railway sleepers – 600 or 1000 kN

machine d essai sur traverses chemin de fer 3r modele RP1000PTA

Our testing frames for railway sleepers are fully machine-tooled with 4 chromium-plated columns, for perfect geometry and easy access to the sleeper, for crack measuring.




Standards : EN 13230-2 et EN 13230-1



Model RP 1000 PTA


These machines can be controlled with our automatic Quantris power pack, or computerized Quantech power pack. They can be equipped with more or less sophisticated lifting solutions, according to customer’s wishes.




 Model RP 600 PTA                                                                 picture at INFRAFER ORAN


     testing-machines railway-sleepers

Model RP 1000 PTA                                                                                          Picture at TWM  England