Special frames Syntium - 10 to 2500 kN


Universal Testing Machine

Our range of special frames Syntium is based on the technical know-how of 3R. Our targets here are accuracy, stiffness, efficiency and adaptability. We design and manufacture high stiffness testing machines with out of range size to fit exactly your need.

These machines are equipped with a large range of tooling to carry out compression, tensile and flexural tests on specimens and structures.

Based on the Syntech model these machines are designed on RIGI-DRIVE technology. The driving is extremely accurate and steady for low speeds and vibration free for medium and high speeds. It provides the best stability during tests on large structures

Its oversized frame joined to a whole rigid and play free transmission reduce sharply the stored energy. Then at the breaking point the release of energy is the lowest for tested structures.

It allows to measure as well strains on soft materials or structures where the use of an extensometer is complicated.


  • Driven by the PC software QuantX
  • Gets all advantages from Syntech model
  • Test speed: 0.001 to 500 mm/min up to max load, depending on the model
  • Control type: load, speed, strength, deformation, etc.
  • Upscale axial stiffness: 2 or 3 time the max load of the frame
  • Stroke 1500, 2000 mm and more
  • 4 solid steel guiding columns
  • Rigid transmission system. No chain, no belt



Upscale model in terms of frame and test solutions.