Didactic Rig for Bed 100 structure

Didactic Rig

Didactic rig for materials' resistance

Banc Didactique Fabrication francaise


Conceived for the educational and demonstration approach of knowledge learnt during Materials Resistance and structure calculus classes.

Developped for teaching, the BED 100 allows to apply controled sollicitations on simple or complex structures in order to put into practice the materials performance laws, to size and to study stress and strain in a structure and their links.



Mechanical interface allows to flange a structure and apply controlled stress. A wide range of  supports and links allows an important number of schemes.

Wheeled panels, electrical and computerised embedded equipement, ready to use. Fast handling of the testing rig in order to carry out  several manipulations during practical class.

Interface to be easily configurated and allowing an intuitive and optimised manipulation.

Results analysis under Excel® allows to treat the raw obtained data during manipulation and to work on stress and strain evolution curves.

The Practical Exercices can be oriented for :

  • Defining quadratic moments of simple and complex structures
  • Checking out the strain on complex structures
  • Characterizing materials and assembly 
  • Studying connections, torsors
  • Designing and applying beams theory, simple and composed stress

Developped in partnership with Mechanical and Engineer Science teachers, undergraduate, graduate and Master of Science levels