Fully reversed Fatigue Tests - MEG 20

The MEG 20 is a Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) testing machine designed for fully reversed tests (load ratio R=-1). It allows mechanical characterization of materials up to 109 or 1010 cycles in gigacycle regime.

The MEG 20 machine is comprising of a testing frame and a separate control cabinet called “Grey Box”.

The testing frame can be placed on a table. It has a built-in ultrasonic generator, which allows the specimen to be placed under fatigue stress at a frequency of 20kHz.

One billion cycles is reached in 14 hours only, reducing the necessary time to get Wöhler’s curve. And of course the occupation time of the machine, improving drastically the Return On Investment (ROI) !


The Grey Box contains the control and acquisition equipment.


The interface is made via dedicated software application.


Technical characteristics and performances:

  • Table machine
  • Load ratio: R=-1 (fully reversed tests)
  • Loading frequency: 20kHz
  • Amplitude of excitation: 3µm up to 160µm
  • Control and acquisition with dedicated software
  • Automatic stop when specimen breaks
  • Fatigue tests in economically viable time: 109 cycles in less than 14 hours
  • Installation within 15min on conventional systems
  • No maintenance
  • Specimen dimensioning tool without finite element calculations